Hands On With The Apple Watch

I am not a big fan of Apple products, but it is always worth taking a look at their new products, the Apple Watch (curiously it isn’t named iWatch) enables NFC payment with any of it’s connected devices (including earlier versions of the iPhone). This article paints a portrait of the brand new watch made by Apple.


Why Facebook Dropped $19B On WhatsApp: Reach Into Europe, Emerging Markets

You may wonder why Facebook spent $19 billions (yes yes billions) to buy Whatsapp.

[Android] How To : Create a simple web radio client

This tutorial is about creating a simple app that plays an internet radio station on Android.

The first thing that we have to do is to set our play/ pause buttons and create a webview to show the title and the album cover of the song playing. I think that does not nead a deep explanation, here’s the XML layout:

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Android Google Maps Tutorial Part 1. Basic Development.

A very Good tutorial about google Maps Api integration by Mir


This tutorial is first of the detailed tutorial that am planning to write. Some short details about my development environment.

  • Windows 7 Professional
  • Android 2.3.3(API10)
  • Google APIs (Google Inc)-API Level 10. (Create AVD of this API)
  • Eclipse Classic version 3.7.0

Before we start with the development of our first Google Maps Application for Android. We need to get Google Maps Api Key. I have made it very simple to get the key. Follow the link.


Perform all the steps in the above link and get the key. When we have the key than we will proceed will our development of Google Maps Application for Android.

Start a new Android Project, when prompted for SDK selection

Select Google APIs Platform 2.3.3 API level 10, and move next. When the project has been created. Open your MainActivity.java file. In my case I have named it GooglemapsActivity.java. Import the following.

Now change the line

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How To: Get Latitude and Longitude from approximate position (CellID,LAC,MNC,MCC)

Using approximate position to get latitude and longitude.The code is written in C#.net

When you don’t have exact GPS position (latitude and longitude) you may have the approximate position on a phone, you need to have the CellId,Lac, MNC,MCC.
once you have these four parameters you can use either GoogleMaps Api or OpenCellId to get the latitude and longitude from an approximate position.
In this tutorial we use GoogeMaps Api, the next tutorial will be About OpenCellId.
Most of the source code is from this french BlogPost

Add this class to your project:

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How to: communicate between ASP.net webservice and android app using Ksoap2

Using Ksoap2 to communicate between ASMX webservice and android.

Hi all, in this little tutorial I’ll show  a step by step method to call an ASP.net asmx web service from an android application, and get simple data (a string in our example), we are going to use Ksoap2 library to link the two sides, so, let’s begin 🙂

first of all, create your asmx web service, in my case I’ve hosted it in my asp.net web application, in the root of your application->right click->add new item->webservice


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SQL Server : Unable to open the physical file “”. Operating system error 32.

How to solve the error: SQL Server : Unable to open the physical file “”. Operating system error 32.

Hi all, today I faced a big problem with SQL server, I couldn’t attach the database file to my project, I followed these steps to add my database:

1- add new connexion

2- browse to my database file in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA\MyDB

3- gone to advanced settings and changed the data source from SQLEXPRESS to “.” and user instance to false.
so when I clicked on OK I had the following error:  Unable to open the physical file “”. Operating system error 32.

What I did to solve this is to open SQL Server management studio 2008 R2 –> connect to my server –> right click on my database name –>tasks –> take offline.

I returned to visual studio 2010 and reattached the database, everything worked properly 🙂

Hope that helps.